jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

The Farming of Bones, The End

The end of Farming of Bones was a little predictable. Since I knew that Amabelle's dream was to return to Hati, it was predictable that she would at least try to "return to Hati" (Danticat 125). Danticat constantly foreshadows Amallebe`s dream when "On the border... A large group is crossing" (Danticat 141), and Amabelle agrees to cross the border with Doctor, Mimi and Sebastien. Danticat makes the reader believe "too much" (Danticat 143) on Amabelle`s dream, "go to the border" (Danticat 161)  . However, there is a twist at the end of the story because "Sebastien was arrested at the church" and "Mimi too" ( Danticat 163). Amabelles dream was not completley acomplished. She would of wanted to return to Hati with Sebastien and Mimi. Nevertheless, Amabelle continues to perssue her dream and arrived to the border. It impressed me a lot that she wanted to die, she wanted to be carried "into Sebastien`s cave," her "father`s laughter," and "mother`s eternity" (Danticat 310). She even "slipped into the current" (Danticat 310). At the end Amabelle found the "peace" she was looking for and descided to go with the current.

As I said before, this book is predictable. It was an interesting story that kept me enteratined. Something I liked about this book is that it is history, which is a subject I love. Therefore, I was interested towards the book.

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